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I solve problems through business, design, and tech.


I’m a systems thinker, but no title captures the full heart of what I hope to do. A title may capture the form my work takes but it doesn’t capture its purpose. A title reveals where my talents and skills lie but it doesn’t explain why I choose to use them.

With that, hi, I’m Jen! I’m on a mission to make experiences worth having. This could be learning experiences for entrepreneurs, customer service experiences, or community experiences.

In my professional experience, I’ve co-managed the Techstars Boston accelerator program, built communities through Techstars Startup Programs in the US and Canada, led operations and strategy at Trestles, a service design consultancy, shaped entrepreneurial experiences at HQ Raleigh, facilitated weekend long programs globally on how to launch a startup, I’ve led mindfulness courses for entrepreneurs and working professionals, and performed research on what makes a great mentor at North Carolina State University, and been at the forefront of building communities in cities across the world. With a background in business, technology, and design I know how to tow the interdisciplinary line and evaluate systems anywhere I go. To quote Donella Meadows: “There are no separate systems. The world is a continuum. Where to draw a boundary around a system depends on the purpose of the discussion.”  I see the world and its many wicked problems as one big playground ripe for learning, rethinking, and making more human friendly every single day through the work that I do.


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Some selected accolades


Selected Leader for Climate Reality Leader Corps 2019

World Economic Forum Summer Davos Top 50 Selected Global Shapers 2018

Facebook F8 Hackathon Grand Prize Winner 2018

World Economic Forum Appointed Curator 2016

Selected as a Hive Global Leader 2016

OpenIDEO Featured Research 2016

Selected Design Portfolio for General Assembly UXDI Immersive 2015

Triangle Startup Weekend First Place Winner 2015

StartingBloc Social Innovation Fellow 2014

NAFTA Study Abroad Scholar on Greening the Supply Chain 2010